[Alt-photo] Outgassing in contact-printing siderotypes

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Thank you for sharing this information.  I am curious, Does the outgassing
create localized or global loss of sharpness?  Would you be able to share
an example print?

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On 5/19/14 8:05 AM, "Mike Ware" <mike at mikeware.co.uk> wrote:

>Hello Kees,
>Thanks for that added experience with polymer substrates, where the
>problem may be even more acute.
>It may be worth masking all non-image areas to minimise the gas emission.
>Good-bye brushmarks!
>I hadn't thought about Halvor's Chiba process, but his ammonium ferric
>citrate sensitizer will certainly evolve CO2.
>The photolysis of diazidostilbene, on the other hand, very likely evolves
>nitrogen gas.
>On 19 May 2014, at 12:12, Kees Brandenburg wrote:
>> Hello Mike,
>> I can confirm this. When printing ferric carbon, with Halvor
>>Bjørngård's Chibatype , I am using yupo as coating subtrate for the
>>pigment tissue. Yupo will not let the carbon-dioxide escape through the
>>back of the tissue.
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