[Alt-photo] gimp and Photoshop Cc

Christina Z. Anderson christinazanderson at gmail.com
Tue May 27 15:16:58 UTC 2014

There was a post, maybe by Paul, a bit ago about Photoshop CC is it worth it. Let me tell you my saga.

I went and bought the last permanent license CS6 thinking I was so smart. However, found out immediately to my chagrin that the CS6 Creative Suite will not read CC InDesign documents. Since I happen to teach a semester on InDesign and my students were now a mixture of CS6 and CC I had to turn around and buy a year license for TWO computers, home and work to edit/grade/work with their documents. It is possible in CC to save as an earlier version of InDesign doc but a PITA I won’t require of them. 

So I was set back $400 PER YEAR for that and whatever the educator rate for Photoshop CS6 was, I think $499.

I was REALLY upset.

In talking with a bunch of educators, this new licensing thing has really created issues for schools. One school estimated it’d cost another $30,000 per year. Adobe made a big booboo when they went to this licensing thing. Unbelievable cluster f—. I know people are upset all over because at the Adobe panels at SPE this year Julianne Kost was telling us not to shoot the messenger, e.g. her, about this licensing fiasco.

It’s good for those who don’t need to outlay the big bucks for a standalone program. But it makes our university now consider one computer lab for all classes. Can you imagine that??? With 100 photo majors and 400 art majors and 150 film majors all needing computers?? Minimum.

We have discussed maybe going to Lightroom and Photoshop Elements at school…don’t know if Elements is superfluous because I haven’t tested it.I don’t teach beginning digital classes and thus when students get to me they are expected to know it all, actions, layers, image editing, sharpening, etc. etc. so I await what those teaching freshman and sophomore classes decide. 

I noticed this book on Amazon about GIMP. I never heard of GIMP til Diana mentioned it. 


For what we do with diginegs CS6 has everything I use and then some. I do a lot of image editing. I have used nothing in CC that wasn’t available in CS6.


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