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You are so right. I should explain further because what I said was misleading about Adobe and I am glad you mentioned it to the list. 

I actually have 3 computers (two home) that I need to put CC on, one hubby and one me. If MSU foots the tab for work then I would only have to pay for one license. 

I try not to mix what belongs to MSU with what belongs to me (being a state/gov’t employee) so that when I retire there is no confusing what stays at MSU and what comes with me. So at this point I bought the software. (Generally if you leave and they have purchased your computer then it goes into the “resell” pool available to all MSU employees. I have always purchased my work computer out of my admin stipend/own pocket so that when I upgrade I can give it to one of my kids. Now, with the CC license, I think I will have to deactivate CC on the giveaway and make them buy their own monthly license.)

BUT I will also say that that “two computer” thing is not very well advertised with Adobe. A student told me about it. OF course I could be really unobservant too :)

On May 27, 2014, at 10:41 AM, Jeremy Moore <alt.photosbyjeremy at gmail.com> wrote:

> Chris, noooooooo, you just need 1 account!
> From Adobe
> http://www.adobe.com/products/creativecloud/faq.html#getting-started
> "Yes, you can install and activate Creative Cloud desktop applications on
> two computers, regardless of operating system, for the individual
> associated with the Creative Cloud membership. See the product license
> agreements <http://www.adobe.com/products/eulas/> page for more
> information."
> We just moved to CC here at TXSTATE and I can download a copy to my
> personal computer for research activities. So if MSU switches there will
> likely be a similar option.
> - jeremy
> On Tue, May 27, 2014 at 10:16 AM, Christina Z. Anderson <
> christinazanderson at gmail.com> wrote:
>> There was a post, maybe by Paul, a bit ago about Photoshop CC is it worth
>> it. Let me tell you my saga.
>> I went and bought the last permanent license CS6 thinking I was so smart.
>> However, found out immediately to my chagrin that the CS6 Creative Suite
>> will not read CC InDesign documents. Since I happen to teach a semester on
>> InDesign and my students were now a mixture of CS6 and CC I had to turn
>> around and buy a year license for TWO computers, home and work to
>> edit/grade/work with their documents. It is possible in CC to save as an
>> earlier version of InDesign doc but a PITA I won’t require of them.
>> So I was set back $400 PER YEAR for that and whatever the educator rate
>> for Photoshop CS6 was, I think $499.
>> I was REALLY upset.
>> In talking with a bunch of educators, this new licensing thing has really
>> created issues for schools. One school estimated it’d cost another $30,000
>> per year. Adobe made a big booboo when they went to this licensing thing.
>> Unbelievable cluster f—. I know people are upset all over because at the
>> Adobe panels at SPE this year Julianne Kost was telling us not to shoot the
>> messenger, e.g. her, about this licensing fiasco.
>> It’s good for those who don’t need to outlay the big bucks for a
>> standalone program. But it makes our university now consider one computer
>> lab for all classes. Can you imagine that??? With 100 photo majors and 400
>> art majors and 150 film majors all needing computers?? Minimum.
>> We have discussed maybe going to Lightroom and Photoshop Elements at
>> school…don’t know if Elements is superfluous because I haven’t tested it.I
>> don’t teach beginning digital classes and thus when students get to me they
>> are expected to know it all, actions, layers, image editing, sharpening,
>> etc. etc. so I await what those teaching freshman and sophomore classes
>> decide.
>> I noticed this book on Amazon about GIMP. I never heard of GIMP til Diana
>> mentioned it.
>> http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1937538265/ref=pe_777750_118902580_pe_epc__1p_2_ti
>> For what we do with diginegs CS6 has everything I use and then some. I do
>> a lot of image editing. I have used nothing in CC that wasn’t available in
>> CS6.
>> Chris
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