[Alt-photo] Mark Nelson is always spam?

Guido Ceuppens altguido at gmail.com
Wed May 28 07:40:47 UTC 2014

I am on Gmail also and Mark Nelson's recent messages end up in the Spam
folder. No idea, nothing was changed on this end.

2014-05-28 7:19 GMT+02:00 Richard Knoppow <dickburk at ix.netcom.com>:

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>  Hello all,
>> I have no problem receiving messages from anyone but Mark Nelson as Gmail
>> keeps marking his emails as spam even after I check them off as not spam.
>> Now, I don't know what Mark did to the folks at Google, but does anyone
>> else have this problem?
>> - Jeremy
>      I wrote an answer just now to another message in this thread. I
> didn't read back far enough.  I had a problem with Earthlink/Netcom that ws
> somewhat similar, that is when I had the spam blocker at its highest
> setting where only addresses on its white list came through it blocked my
> own posts to lists.  This is evidently a bug in the software Earthlink
> uses. I finally set it for a medium level where it blocks only "known spam"
> and started seeing my own posts.
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