[Alt-photo] Mark Nelson is always spam?

Kim Du Boise krd at photoartsimaging.com
Thu May 29 16:19:12 UTC 2014

Hi there,
I have never had a problem getting mail or posts from anyone, but I am on Safari as a local mail server & we have our own mail server as a part of our website.  I found out early that individual posts were too many distractions in the box (I get several group lists) and have used the digest method for quite a while now.  

As I can tell, I always get mail or posts in the digest from everyone that is sending. I thoroughly enjoy the info and wit!  With all the issues of hacking & spam from all over, it may be protocols put into place without our knowledge done for our protection.

Yours in Photography,

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> Subject: Re: [Alt-photo] Mark Nelson is always spam?
> Date: May 28, 2014 9:46:44 PM CDT
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> Just a thought for people not getting all the messages.  So far as I know I get all the messages to my gmail account, including Mark Nelson's, but I subscribe to the list using the digest option... so it comes as a summary with all the messages, headers and return addresses included in the body of the message, and the digest messages come from the list email address, not the individual posters, so I don't have to worry about any particular person being blocked. Anyways, if you are missing some messages because of suspected spam this may be a simple fix for you, just change your receiving option to digest. Below are a couple of digest excerpts, including one from Mark Nelson.
> Greg Franco

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