[Alt-photo] Upcoming Platinum and Palladium Photographs Symposium in Washington, DC, Oct 22-23

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Greetings Rob,

I've not heard of any intention to video the proceedings - and I wonder who would be prepared to watch two days of lectures on a small screen, anyway!
I'm sure your recently-discovered and generously-donated specimens will receive close scientific attention in the fullness of time. 
All the scientists and conservators are at present frantically busy preparing their presentations; some of them have been working on this project for 4 years or more. 
They have a battery of spectroscopic and other analytical techniques at their disposal - HREM, SEM-EDX, XRF, FTIR, Raman, GCMS, OCT - to hurl a few acronyms into the ring! 
The resulting conclusions should find their way eventually into the Conference Proceedings volume.
See you in DC.


On 2 Oct 2014, at 22:00, Rob McElroy wrote:

> Hi Mike,
> I just wanted to clarify that I didn't write the description in my previous post.  It came from one of the symposium's recent announcements.  I had it in italics and indented when I sent it to the list here, but it looks like the Alt-photo server stripped out the formatting -- making it look like they were my words.
> Do you know if the symposium is being videotaped?  That would be such a wonderful resource for the future, along with Connie's book of course.  I recently sent Connie (The National Gallery of Art) a donation of several different unexposed and unprocessed samples of original vintage platinum paper from my study collection of original photographic papers.
> I look forward to seeing you in DC.  Patrick Ravines and I will be driving down together.
> -Rob
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> On Oct 2, 2014, at 3:55 PM, Mike Ware <mike at mikeware.co.uk> wrote:
>> In answer to Alberto's question and to expand on Rob's clear description, I can, as a speaker, assure you that it is firmly planned to publish - in hard copy - a full account of the proceedings of this Pt/Pd Symposium, plus more supplementary material. The chief editor will be the Conference organiser, Connie McCabe, Head of Photograph Conservation at the National Gallery of Art, Washington DC. [An example of the quality of editorship and publication values that we can expect may be seen in her previous volume: 'Coatings on Photographs', American Institute for Conservation, 2005].
>> Since there are no less than 32 active professional contributors to these proceedings, across some 20 major institutions, together with all that may emerge in discussion by an audience of several hundred, you will realise that pulling the fruits of this initiative together could well take some time - perhaps 18 months or so. But eventually this publication will stand as a landmark in the history of our understanding of this superb process.
>> Good wishes,
>> Mike
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