[Alt-photo] Epson 3880 strange behavior

bobkiss @caribsurf.com bobkiss at caribsurf.com
Tue Oct 7 14:34:50 UTC 2014

     While I wait for the spare funds to get a Epson 3880 imported into
Barbados a fellow photographer here is willing to let me print a few negs
on his 3880.  However he told me some disturbing things about his 3880:

1) Whenever he turns it on, it executes a complete head cleaning using up
tonza pigments.

2) As a result, he never turns it off but leaves it to shut off
automatically after many hours, just in case he needs to make any other
prints.  I think he said, if he turned it on in the morning and made some
prints, it would stay on until at least mid afternoon.

     Diana (and anyone else using a 3880) does your 3880 behave this way?
Or is there some software option that lets you change that automatic
cleaning at every boot up?  That seems terribly expensive but I don't put
it past Epson to do that just to sell more cartridges!!!


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