[Alt-photo] Epson 3880 strange behavior

Diana Bloomfield dlhbloomfield at gmail.com
Tue Oct 7 14:53:16 UTC 2014

Hey Bob,

No; my Epson 3880 does not work that way.  When you say he shuts off the printer, do you mean he actually powers it off whenever he's not using it?  Is that a thing?  I mean, I never heard of that.  I've never done that with any of my printers, and I had a 3800 for years.  I've had this 3880 (bought refurbished) a couple of years ago and have not had any real issues with it.  Anyway-- never heard of that, but I don't shut off my computer every night, either.  Maybe I'm misunderstanding what he might be doing.

Interestingly, I had to replace a couple of ink cartridges a few weeks ago.  One was vivid light magenta; the other was photo black.  So I took out the old, put in the new, and then the computer shut down completely.  Just nothing.  I did all the things they tell you to do (unplugging, shut down the power, start up again, etc)-- but still nothing.  I just kept getting this warning message that I needed to call Epson.  So I did, but I was on hold for so long, I gave up.  Then I did an Epson 'live chat' online, but the guy I chatted with was a total idiot, to put it nicely.  I think they put the people who don't know anything (maybe the trainees) on the 'live chat.'  He ended up telling me I needed to call Epson. ??   So I called again-- and, just as an aside here-- why is it that all the Epson people you talk to on the phone sound robotic?  I always think I'm not talking to a real person, but then I say something that only a real person could respond to, and the person always turns out not to be a robot--  I find that all pretty strange.

So anyway-- he asked me which inks I replaced.  Then he told me to open the cartridge door, which I couldn't-- because nothing worked-- so he told me how to open it manually-- by forcing it open, really-- so I did that, and then he asked me if I still had the old vivid light magenta cartridge I had just taken out.  I did, so he told me to remove the new vivid light magenta, and replace it with the old one.  So I did that-- and as soon as I shut the ink cartridge door, everything started working again.  He knew automatically that this vivid light magenta was the problem, so I figure I'm not the only person who has called them about this little issue.  He did offer to send me a new free vivid light magenta cartridge, which he did, and it arrived in 2 days.  Since then, I've had no issue.


On Oct 7, 2014, at 10:34 AM, bobkiss @caribsurf.com <bobkiss at caribsurf.com> wrote:

>     While I wait for the spare funds to get a Epson 3880 imported into
> Barbados a fellow photographer here is willing to let me print a few negs
> on his 3880.  However he told me some disturbing things about his 3880:
> 1) Whenever he turns it on, it executes a complete head cleaning using up
> tonza pigments.
> 2) As a result, he never turns it off but leaves it to shut off
> automatically after many hours, just in case he needs to make any other
> prints.  I think he said, if he turned it on in the morning and made some
> prints, it would stay on until at least mid afternoon.
>     Diana (and anyone else using a 3880) does your 3880 behave this way?
> Or is there some software option that lets you change that automatic
> cleaning at every boot up?  That seems terribly expensive but I don't put
> it past Epson to do that just to sell more cartridges!!!
>                  CHEERS!
>                         BOB
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