[Alt-photo] Epson 3880 strange behavior

Hans & Chia chiahans at pictoform.nu
Wed Oct 8 10:59:11 UTC 2014

Hello Bob

We have had the same problem with our Epson 4800 but when we turned the auto cleaning off it is now up to us to decide when to clean;.- 

Click MENU
go to AUTOCLEANING and chose OFF

Hope it works on the 3880 too. It was soooo frustrating with the autocleaning

Good luck


PS When you are in Rome the Ditta G. POGGI Art shop is well worth a visit!

I tried to send this mail yesterday but I used another email address so maybe that's why it doesn't show on the list.
Sorry if you receive it twice.

7 okt 2014 kl. 16:34 skrev bobkiss @caribsurf.com <bobkiss at caribsurf.com>:

>     While I wait for the spare funds to get a Epson 3880 imported into
> Barbados a fellow photographer here is willing to let me print a few negs
> on his 3880.  However he told me some disturbing things about his 3880:
> 1) Whenever he turns it on, it executes a complete head cleaning using up
> tonza pigments.
> 2) As a result, he never turns it off but leaves it to shut off
> automatically after many hours, just in case he needs to make any other
> prints.  I think he said, if he turned it on in the morning and made some
> prints, it would stay on until at least mid afternoon.
>     Diana (and anyone else using a 3880) does your 3880 behave this way?
> Or is there some software option that lets you change that automatic
> cleaning at every boot up?  That seems terribly expensive but I don't put
> it past Epson to do that just to sell more cartridges!!!
>                  CHEERS!
>                         BOB
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