[Alt-photo] NESUNO??? was VADO A ROMA!

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     That looks great, thanks.  And there seems to be a grand exposition of
photography in Rome from Nov 1st to the end of Dec.  Now I just need to see
what is showing where.

     Where do you live?  I am guessing France but where in France?  I used
to spend lots of time in Paris in my "previous incarnation" as a fashion
photographer.  Though I was based in my studio on 19th St in Manhattan, I
was in Paris so often it was less expensive to have an apartment there than
to pay for hotel rooms.  It was located just down the street, Rue de
Tournon, from the original YSL Rive Gauche boutique near the Jardin de


On Wed, Oct 8, 2014 at 8:27 AM, Jean Daubas <jean.daubas at wanadoo.fr> wrote:

> Bob,
> You might search for some info about the Photo shows in Rome using this
> link :
> http://www.loeildelaphotographie.com/fr/events/category/exhibition/country/italie/city/rome/month/2014-11?utm_campaign=30c146d59b-FR_2014_10_08&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Liste+de+diffusion+FR&utm_term=0_9b5662352f-30c146d59b-178868061
> It will probably be updated with more events when you are ready to come
> visiting our old Europe !
> Hope it helps,
> “Alternative” Cheers from France,
>     Jean
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>      Sadly, no time to get out of Rome so I will have to see what I can
> find there.
>      Also, I should have spelled the subject "nessuno" with two Ss.
>                  CHEERS!
>                            BOB
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