[Alt-photo] Optical Density (OD) of different inks + Question

Erich Camerling e.camerling at tiscali.nl
Wed Oct 15 12:55:04 UTC 2014

Dear members,

At present I am busy with measuring the OD at 365 nm of HP inkjet ink
for the PCS 1215 (three inks in one cartridge (code HP 57 : C6657AE) on
AGFA Copyjet  ( OD 0,30 ).Because I cannot use the QuadTone RIP
calibration : handles 4 , 6,7 and 8 ink printers (not 3 ink printers) I 
used the
color ratio method ( www.alternativephotography.com :  Clay Harmon :
Digital Negative , The color ratio method )  So I could compare it with  
Durabrite and UltraCrome at 365 nm.
Conclusion :Epson Durabrite  OD between 0,90 and 2,45 Filmbase  0,16
                        Epson UltraChrome                   0,53 ----   
1.09             Filmbase  0,15
                        HP ink       0,73 ----    1,16            
Filmbase  0,30
With EPSON K3 Ultrachrome on Pictorico TPF 100 (does it still exist ?)
tested with QuadTone RIP calibration  you can reach OD's  with
Black          :  higher than 3.80    =  The reach of my densitometer  !!
Cyan           :  higher than 3.80
Magenta   :  1.58
Yellow        :  3.33
The exact curves I will put on this site when I receive enough serious 

I suppose that with using the newest Pictorico and Copyjet film you can get
better results ( I used old stuff).

On the 26th of August I asked some help  :
When you are satisfied with the negatives you use for Pt- , Pt/Pd- , 
Cyano- or
Kallytype , VDB or other alt photo processes I will ask you to be so 
kind to
make with QuadTone RIP (www.quadtonerip.com)  :  downloads . Version
2.7.5 or higher)  an ink separation test page. (look for inkseparation.psd .
Documentation under QuadToneRIP : Documentation : User guide by
Tom Moore : page 12-15 )
When you will help me by sending that film to me and tell me with what
printer and ink (original or other mark , pigment or dye ) you did the job,
on what film (Pictorico TPU-100 premium OHP ,Pictorico  TPS-100 Ultra-
premium OHP  , Copyjet or any totally different film )  I shall measure all
the different patches with my 365 nm. UV densitometer and report the
results on the alt-photo website.

I received only one answer. !!!
Are all the other members too busy , on vacation , is my request too 
complex ,
not interested in these data ?
Please let me know for I don't like to do a lot of work for nobody.


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