[Alt-photo] cotton paper question

Ian Hooper noisy at rogers.com
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Higher quality papers are still made from first-cut linters. By definition (and law), linters are 100% cotton.   With modern sizings and binders, second-cut can produce a very good paper.

Cheaper student-grade papers, and most definitely ones that contain recycled material contain "rag".

A bit of synthetic fibre content isn't a bad thing - Strathmore 500 Series Aquarius II can be wonderful stuff for many processes, but it's not cheap.

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Hello Bob,

read that from wikipedia,

As cotton rags now often contain synthetic fibres <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Synthetic_fibers>, papermakers have turned to second-cut cotton linters as raw material sources for making pulp for cotton papers.

may be they use synthetic cotton rayon for rag.

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