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Henry, I do not know if you have access to a PC but I have re introduced in 
my last version of Squeeze the options to separate the RGB and CMY channels 
from an image.
Squeeze is a program that automatically creates curves for your alternative 
processes. It will automatically grab the data from a scanner or 
Although it will export curves in Photoshop format, it is better to print 
from inside Squeeze has the curves have more points. (21 compared to 16).
I listen to the users and try to implement suggestions that are being 
here's the web site. Go under the download section


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Hi everyone,

The only thing I use my elderly Photoshop CS for is to separate channels for
tricolour gum (and soon, I hope, casein!). It's not worth hundreds of pounds
for me to update to a new version of PS to run on my iMac just for that one
task. But to use CS, I have to maintain a separate bootable Snow Leopard
disc, which seems a lot of trouble for one job.

Can anyone point me to a mac-friendly application that will separate
channels, preferably cheap or free?

Many thanks


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