[Alt-photo] Chemicals in Turkey? Loris, can you help?

Serdar Bilici sbilici at gmail.com
Thu Oct 30 17:15:46 UTC 2014

Hello John,

I was waiting for Loris to chime in, he knows more about the locations 
to buy supplies.

Collodion isn't too hard to find in Turkey but it is not sold online 
afaik. You have to talk to the chemical suppliers, Bereket Kimya and 
Balmumcu would be my first choices, they can direct you other places if 
need be. %4 Merck 1lt. collodion is what is usually sold both flexible 
and non-flexible types are available.

I haven't seen any cadmium bromide sold or listed anywhere, but 
potassium iodide and bromide and very easy to find. And if you are 
looking for cyanide fixer (KCN),  sorry that requires special license. 
Anything misc. chemistry you need, you can purchase it from the stores 
Loris suggested.

As varnish you cannot find sandarac, but you can find  shellac. It is 
called "gomalak", it can be purchased from any art supply store.

Ethanol might be tricky too, but I am not sure. Its sale has been 
somewhat regulated to prevent contraband liquor production. I wonder 
what Loris thinks. I buy ethanol from pharmacy and they are not willing 
to sell it to everyone.

P.S. Sorry about the incomplete post, something wrong with my mail 
client I suppose.

Best Regards

On 30.10.2014 19:02, Loris Medici wrote:
> Hi John,
> I think you can find most of w/p chemistry in Turkey easily, except for
> collodion; I haven't seen photographic collodion in any of the places I buy
> my stuff. (Maybe that's easy too, Serdar may help; he is currently much
> more interested in w/p than I am...)
> There are a couple of chemistry stores in the Sirkeci / Eminonu district in
> Istanbul;
> 1. Bereket Kimya: https://plus.google.com/105461104027761152151/about
> 2. Balmumcu Kimya: https://plus.google.com/108484423135583219836/about
> (right next to the former...)
> Hope this helps,
> Loris.
> 2014-10-30 18:46 GMT+02:00 John Brewer <john at johnbrewerphotography.com>:
>> Hello list members
>> I'm looking for a source of raw chemicals, wetplate in particular, in
>> Turkey. Does anyone have any contacts? Loris, if I recall you're in Turkey,
>> is that right? Can you help?
>> Best wishes
>> John
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