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One more thing. I am immediately inspired to do some prints on vellum but I can not find my folder of vellums that I have used in the past. Since it has been a while for me printing on vellum what is the vellum that people are using now 

Is the a consensus of what is the best vellum for palladium printing?

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> All,
> I was in Yosemite last week and while in the Ansel Adams gallery I spotted these 3 original photographs made on vellum. According to people in the gallery they were original silver photographs made on vellum. Paper was made by a local guy. Name Gasonville (if I have the spelling correct?) was mentioned in connection with these photographs, but I was not quite sure what the connection actually was. 
> It is kind of as close to alt as Ansel Adams photography would get and there might be some people on the list that might know and share more about it.
> Thse were about 8x10 and priced up to 18000 if somebody is rushing to buy.
> Kerik, I missed the show (it was already closed) and was unable to see your photograph in person.
> Marek
> Looks like I can start a post
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