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Hi Marek,

I remember a show of Ansel’s years ago in San Antonio. If memory serves, it was a private collection from Ansel’s eye doctor or dentist. An entire room was devoted to Parmilian Prints (sp). At the time, I described them as combining the worst attributes of silver gelatin with the worst ones of platinum. ;^)

I do a good bit of platinum on vellum and find the Butler Dearden vellum works really well. In fact, even without gold leaf the vellum prints are very handsome in tonality and smoothness. Here’s the contact info for the source I use. I don’t get a finder’s fee but feel free to mention my name. John is very knowledgable and reliable:

John Zokowski
jzokowski at comcast.net

Have fun!


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> All,
> I was in Yosemite last week and while in the Ansel Adams gallery I spotted these 3 original photographs made on vellum. According to people in the gallery they were original silver photographs made on vellum. Paper was made by a local guy. Name Gasonville (if I have the spelling correct?) was mentioned in connection with these photographs, but I was not quite sure what the connection actually was. 
> It is kind of as close to alt as Ansel Adams photography would get and there might be some people on the list that might know and share more about it.
> Thse were about 8x10 and priced up to 18000 if somebody is rushing to buy.
> Kerik, I missed the show (it was already closed) and was unable to see your photograph in person.
> Marek
> Looks like I can start a post
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