[Alt-photo] Mimic Postal Stamp Nature Burin Line Engraving with Relief Valleys Inked Photographic Film

Jacques Kevers jacqueskv at gmail.com
Thu Mar 12 08:42:47 UTC 2015

Bromoil transfer could be an option. The final aspect of the print depends
pretty much on the negative, and the ink used. Some are very
"photographic", others are more like etchings.
See the work of René Smets ( http://www.picto.info/GAL/RESM/rsmet.htm ) and
Gene Laughter (
http://www.alternativephotography.com/artists/gene_laughter.html ).
With the bromoil process, an image is first printed on photographic paper
(the traditional way, usually with an enlarger), which is then bleached and
inked up by brush or brayer with a typographic or etching ink. This can be
kept as the final print, or you can make a transfer of it. In bromoil
transfer the ink image of the bromoil print is transferred onto another
paper, using some type of press. The transfers usually have a matte surface
look, while bromoils generally shown some sheen. One "matrix" (the bleached
print) can be inked up & transferred several times; after some iterations,
the gelatin will degrade, though, and a new matrix has to be made if you
want additional transfers. You can find abundant litterature on the subject
- Google is your friend.
Please note that bromoil is a relatively tricky process, and that not all
photographic papers are not equally suited for the process.



2015-03-12 7:20 GMT+01:00 Mustafa Umut Sarac <mustafaumutsarac at gmail.com>:

> Can I relief develop and harden the photographic film and fill the valleys
> of relief with engraving ink than print on paper ?
> I am not after grades but natural compositions with grass and flower stems
> .
> I found Swedish Engraver Maivor Franzen works looks peaceful and rich as
> Sandy Kings Prints or reverse.
> I want to print postal stamp size with small press made with steel rods ,
> like an miniature engine.
> Take care,
> Mustafa Umut Sarac
> Istanbul
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