[Alt-photo] Ferric Oxalate question

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Wed Mar 25 14:41:58 UTC 2015

Interesting question as I have just ordered some pre-mixed from Bostick and 
 Sullivan.  Not that I'm opposed to mixing my own however I was printing  
some Kallitypes and sharing the magic with my 8 year old grand daughter and 
ran  out of both silver nitrate and ferric oxalate.  I will mix my own silver 
 nitrate solution and it seemed easier to order the pre-mixed from B&S.   
They have provided good service for most of my needs over the years.  Bill  
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pkolodny at gmail.com writes:

Hello  all,

I'm usually printing platinum/palladium so my Sol A is Ferric  Oxalate + 
Oxalic Acid. 
I'd eventually like to give Kallitype a try and see  Sandy King's recipe to 
be FO only with no Oxalic. As I already have some mixed  platinum/palladium 
FO and ready to use I was wondering whether this solution  could also be 
used for Kallitypes. 
I live in Argentina where FO is  impossible to find so I better save some 
for the times to come. 
Any  suggestion will be strongly appreciated.  

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