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Fri Oct 2 15:30:40 UTC 2015

What I do not understand is that you seem to expect the image to go away
during fixing, after the bleach bath. As for me, it's in the bleach that
the image is supposed to disappear.. When I did some bromoils, after the
bleaching/tanning/washing, I got just a quite faint yellow image. Then,
after using a fix composed of 250gr thyosulphate + 12gr of potassium
metabisulfite for 1liter of water, this faint yellow image turned grey.
Did you wash thoroughly after the bleach/tan and before the fix? It might
be that some bleaching residues remained and interacted with the fix. Just

2015-10-02 15:03 GMT+02:00 George L Smyth via Alt-photo-process-list <
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> I was making prints for a show that opens on Saturday (
> http://glenechopark.org/calendar/2015-10?field_event_type_value=exhibitions-talks-stone-tower-gallery)
> and ran out of quick fix.  Not a problem, I had been given several bottles
> of old Kodak quick fix.  However, when I removed the bottles from the boxes
> I saw that the contents had separated and shaking did not consolidate the
> contents.
> So I decided to not use them and made a batch of 23% sodium thiosulfate.
> All went as planned but when I fixed the prints following the bleach/tan
> stage, instead of the image going away, it turned brown.  I went ahead and
> inked these prints and many I liked.  The result was a warm toned image.
> I did some research to try to figure out why the image did not go away and
> found in Derek Watkin's book, Bromoil: A Foundation Course, that he uses a
> 10% sodium thiosulfate solution following the bleach/tan process. I gave
> that a try and although the image did not completely go away, the faint
> green that resulted was completely different from what I had seen with the
> 23% solution.
> I am wondering if anyone might have an idea as to why the 23% sodium
> thiosulfate solution following the bleach/tan part of the process resulted
> in turning the print image brown, instead of removing it.  When using quick
> fix the image pretty much goes away (it is normally a soft green color
> following bleach/fix), so I am unclear as to why the choice of fixer would
> make so much of a difference.
> Cheers -
> george
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