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Thanks for posting Diana! I am looking to buy a printer for negative making and have been looking at the P800- glad to hear your thoughts on it!


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> On Oct 15, 2015, at 4:39 PM, Diana Bloomfield via Alt-photo-process-list <alt-photo-process-list at lists.altphotolist.org> wrote:
> Hey Erich,
> I've been meaning to write to the List since I recently purchased the Epson
> P800 after my 3880 died-- just a couple of weeks ago.  So I'll read over
> everything you want done here-- but I just thought I'd first mention my
> experience with the P800 these last couple of weeks.
> The P800 was very easy to install; it's a 17" carriage, just like the 3880,
> and the footprint is about the same, possibly slightly smaller.  It's
> quieter, and I thought my 3880 was pretty quiet.  It definitely lays down
> more black ink.  My only belief that this is true is really by eye and
> simple comparison.  I held up a negative I made (on Pictorico) with the
> 3880, and comparing the same negative from the same image to one I made,
> also on Pictorico, with the P800.  Again, this was just looking at it by
> eye, but I thought the difference was notable.  The P800 negative also just
> looked crisper and more detailed, especially in the dark areas.  I honestly
> don't know if that's just the amount of ink laid down, or if also the
> printers go that way after you've had them for a while-- that everything
> gets worn down somehow.  I have no idea, but I can easily see the
> difference in the two. Another big plus was that with my 3880, I was
> constantly having to re-feed the negatives because they were always skewed
> some how.  So annoying.  With the P800, the negative just sits there--
> until you hit 'print,' and only then does it start feeding.  It's never
> skewed, and if it is-- it seems to straighten itself out all on its own.
> That's huge to me.  The only downside is that it doesn't take the same inks
> as the 3880/3880, so naturally I had a slew of 3880 inks I'd just bought .
> . . but I managed to sell them.
> Anyway-- I love the P800.  And it seems they might have listened to issues
> people had with the 3880, and fixed them.  So, so far, so good.
> Now I'll go look at your very detailed instructions.
> Diana
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> On Thu, Oct 15, 2015 at 4:18 PM, Erich Camerling via Alt-photo-process-list
> <alt-photo-process-list at lists.altphotolist.org> wrote:
>> Dear alt-photo members,
>> Because all  alt-photo processes need negatives and UV light
>> I hope that someone of you will help me with my printer-ink
>> query.
>> I am nearly sure that there will be members who already
>> use the newest  EPSON SC P600/800 printer with the
>> new inks and I am very interested in the density of those
>> inks.Especially in the UV domain.
>> On internet you cannot find any information about this
>> question.Therefor I ask any member with an Epson printer
>> to help me.
>> For the beginners (newbies?) {and experts (oldies ?)?}
>> I will inform you what you have to do to help me and
>> all the other alt-photo group members !
>> Click on  the site www.quadtonerip.com and choose in
>> the Overview : DOWNLOADS. Choose in there
>> QTR-setup 2.7.6.exe . Install that program.That means :
>> Accept "do you want to accept that the computer..." : YES
>> With that you get a "Welcome to install and setup  ...etc
>> Click "Next"   Click "I agree". Install at the hard-disk  you want.
>> (I used as destination folder P:\Program files
>> but you can use any other
>> character you can choose at your PC ).   Click "Next".
>> Choose  Printing Software   AND   Curve Creation Tool
>> and click "Next"
>> Click "Install"  and after that Click "Finish"
>> On your screen you will see in your destination folder
>> the Map : quad tone RIP. Choose there  the map : bin.
>> Then choose from "bin": QTRqui.
>> Then you will see the Quad Tone Rip Graphical Interface
>> Version 2.7.00.   Choose by Printer (on the right sight
>> above) and click on the small black triangle.
>> Then you can in "Name" fill in your printername (when
>> it is an EPSON printer). See the Requirements Printers
>> &Inks on the page _Overview
>> _On your QTR graphical Interface V 2.7.00 you mostly
>> see filled in:paper "A4", units "mm" , orientation "landscape"
>> media source "sheetfeed" , media type  "photopaper "
>> resolution : choose 720 or 1440 , speed "unidirectional".
>> You can change that data file when necessary (for instance
>> A4 in A3 , mm in inch , unidirectional in bidirectional etc.)
>> Choose in Tools : "options" and in options :  "calibration mode"
>> Then you can print ( ON FILM ! ) the test results.
>> And now comes my chief attraction:
>> When you send your film with test results  and data about
>> what printer you used with what ink (original Epson or
>> something else (ccs-digital , inkjetmall , inkrepublic ,
>> precisioncollors , etc. and the name of their ink) and
>> what film you used : Pictorico (what pictorico  : tpu 100 ,
>> tps100 or something else) , Agfa copyjet  ,  ColorGate
>> screenfilm etc , etc , etc. There are a lot of possibilities  !
>> then I will test ALL the films at 365 nm and shall the
>> findings publish at the alt-photo site.
>> Please,let me know if you want to help the alt-photo
>> group with your data , via alt-photo or via my personal
>> e-mail address. Then I will give my snail-mail address
>> to all the members who will help with making a test film
>> for the whole alt-photo members group , not only for me.
>> Nearly all the members of this group can make the
>> requested film with my extensive information, even the
>> newbies and lurkers , SO PLEASE DO IT !!!
>> Erich Camerling
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