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     Hi from Barbados.  I have a 26-1KS but it is wired for 220V.  It has never thrown a breaker but the circuits are 20 Amp 220V circuits.
     You didn't mention whether your unit works at 220V or 120V.  If you are using a one wired for 120V I am not surprised that it throws a 20A breaker.
Please advise if your unit is wired for 120V or 220V.  
     Also, if the breaker failed catastrophically (smoke, etc.) I would say that the breaker was faulty or developed a fault over time.  Breakers are not supposed to cook...they are supposed to turn off, breaking the circuit and they are supposed to do this without fail many times.  Faulty or inferior breakers are more prevalent these days due to shoddy manufacture. The breakers on the feed from my PV (solar electric) system which only went on line 4 months ago were tripping every other day, losing me valuable electricity production.  The installer quickly came in and changed the breakers and I haven't had a problem since.    
***I agree completely that you need a competent electrician to change your breaker and make sure your system is up to code.  Then you should do a dry run while he is still there so he can see if your 26-1K trips it again.
                             THE OTHER BOB

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I have a Nuarcs 26-1K plate burner that I use as an exposure unit. Been using it happily for a couple of years, bought it used. Lately it has tripped my circuit breaker twice, the last time the breaker actually fried, smoke coming out of the breaker box. 

I know these draw a lot of current, that’s why when I built my studio I put it on a dedicate 20amp circuit in a new breaker panel. It’s tripped twice now in the last 2 sessions. Doesn’t happen immediately but rather part way through an exposure. 

I guess my question is if anyone else who uses this unit has had similar experiences and if there is any solution. Don’t mind throwing a breaker switch once in a while, but if it is now happening more often and particularly frying breakers and generating smoke  (which might be a fire hazard?) I’m reluctant to use it.

Any advice or thoughts?



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