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     I already explained this clearly.  The data on the NuArc website says that your unit draws 10 amps at 120 volts.  You have a 20 amp 120 volt circuit.  You are only using half of your circuit/breaker's capability unless you are loading up that same circuit with other things.  Forget watts!  Irrelevant to understanding your situation. My last name stands for Keep It Simple Stupid...advice I give and take on a daily basis.  And, having had both undergrad and grad electronics and having been an amateur radio operator for over 55 years, I am trying to make this accurate but simple enough to be clear.

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was never my forte - Clay, does your email mean that a 20amp 120volt circuit should be sufficient for the Nuarcs, or if not, what would I need? Sorry for the ignorant question…


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Amps X Volts = Watts (measure of work)

The amount of work needed to power up  a 1000W lamp is the same regardless of line voltage. The higher voltage line will draw fewer amps to do the same thing.

As my daughter used to say when trying to buttress an argument for some ridiculous request, it's just physics.


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> BOB,
> If 220 volt circuit works with 20 amp ,
> 120 volt circuit needs 40 amp circuit , isnt it ?
> I think OP has a 120 v and 20 amper circuit
> and yours have 220 and 20 amper circuit.
> I think he should have find 40 amp circuit.
> may be I am wrong.
> Umut

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