[Alt-photo] distressing digital negatives

Paul Viapiano viapiano at pacbell.net
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Look up Emil Schildt’s images on the web for some serious inspiration...

Here’s an APUG page with a lot of great ideas for film negs that totally work with digital negs…authored by Emil!



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> I’m wondering if anyone has played around with techniques to distress digital negatives out on Pictorico on an Epson printer and would be willing to share their favorites or point to references on the subject they know about. I know there is a long history of distressing film negatives but a lot of those techniques have to do with chemical pre/post processing. I suspect there are fluids one can treat a digital negative with that might have interesting effects. 
> While a lot of distressing could be done in Photoshop before the negative is made, I’m more interested in the physical hands on approach. 
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