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Breakers do go bad and once they have tripped they will tend to do it again and more often.

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> I have a Nuarcs 26-1K plate burner that I use as an exposure unit. Been using it happily for a couple of years, bought it used. Lately it has tripped my circuit breaker twice, the last time the breaker actually fried, smoke coming out of the breaker box. 
> I know these draw a lot of current, that’s why when I built my studio I put it on a dedicate 20amp circuit in a new breaker panel. It’s tripped twice now in the last 2 sessions. Doesn’t happen immediately but rather part way through an exposure. 
> I guess my question is if anyone else who uses this unit has had similar experiences and if there is any solution. Don’t mind throwing a breaker switch once in a while, but if it is now happening more often and particularly frying breakers and generating smoke  (which might be a fire hazard?) I’m reluctant to use it.
> Any advice or thoughts?
> Thanks
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