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Congratulations Diana!!

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Hi all,

For anyone who might live in or near Columbia, Missouri, I'm in this
wonderful group exhibit that Scott McMahon curated.  I'm so honored to have
been invited to show my work (tricolor gum prints) in this exhibit..  The
show actually opens today, at the Sidney Larson Gallery, Columbia College,
Columbia, MO.  I couldn't get there for the opening, sadly, but I hope to
get out there and see it before it closes. Information is below.  If anyone
got to the opening, do post a report of all you saw. :)

"Alchemical Ensemble:  New Visions in Historic Photographic Processes,"
Columbia College, Sidney Larson Gallery, Columbia, MO.  Artists include:
 David Emitt Adams; Jo Babcock; Diana Bloomfield; Walter Crump; Binh Danh;
Tomasz Dobiszewski; Jessica Ferguson; James Huff; Nilu Izadi; Jaroslaw
Klups; Georgia Kawlec; Dana Moore; Mark Osterman; France Scully Osterman;
Laurie Beck Peterson; Eric Renner; Nancy Spencer; S. Gayle Stevens; Sarah
Van Keuren; and Marydorsey Wanless.  (Curated by Scott McMahon)


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