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Hi everyone,

This was some research done in part for the Platinum & Palladium Symposium and workshops that Ellie Young & I attended in Washington, D.C.  We learned a lot from the symposium and there will be a book published & edited by Connie McCabe of the National Gallery with the information that was presented in the symposium.

Dana Hemmenway, Photographic Conservator, and Matthew Clark, Conservation Scientist, were the two that worked with these issues and presented the webcast.  It is part of the Library of Congress' Topics in Preservation Series (TOPS).  This webcast had to be registered (free) to watch & is currently unavailable.  However, these presentations are put up on the Library of Congress site for on-demand viewing within a few months of the event.

If you are interested in preserving photographic or A-V or film materials, the TOPS area is a location that you may be interested in bookmarking.  

This is the link to the page on the Pt-Pd symposium where the on-demand webcast will stream.  From this point, you can search for other presentations that go back several years.  LInks are on the left side and across the top in a black bar.


Congratulations of all who are being exhibited in these wonderful venues across the world!  I am enjoying the links and the imagery!


Kim Du Boise
krd at photoartsimaging.com

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