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     The problem is that much of the optical material used for visible 
light will not pass UV plus lenses must be made of special material and 
designed for UV to focus it sharply.  UV lenses have been made for 
special purposes such as high definition optical microscopes but most 
photographic lenses will either not focus UV very well or won't pass it 
at all. Beside the transmission of the glass one must consider optical 
cements in lenses with cemented elements, again special cements are 
required for UV.
     I think also that the intensity of the light may be an issue even 
if it is transmitted.  Processes like cyanotype require very high 
intensity light and most enlargers designed for conventional 
photographic purposes are far from intense enough.  Keep in mind that 
enlargers are not practical for use with old type contact printing paper 
which is much more sensitive than cyanotype.

On 10/29/2015 7:30 PM, Martin magid via Alt-photo-process-list wrote:
> My 3rd question on my 1st day:
> I've never heard of anyone doing this, but if a UV light source is placed
> in an enlarger in place of the manufacturer's light  source, will the light
> that comes through the lens be effective for cyanotypes?
> I ask this because I own a very nice compact "Kodak Home Enlarger" that has
> a single 100 w. bulb as the light source and it would solve a space problem
> if it would work for cyanotypes.  It's only 100+ years old.
> Marty
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