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I will look for it, especially since I use only 3 colors, so even partially plugged head would do. On the other hand as soon as I threatened my 3800 with junkyard it printed 100% success rate through front feed on oversized pictorico. I just taped the edge that senses size.


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Just to clarify which printer are you using now? Perhaps a good used Epson
7xxx series would be a better solution to avoid "pizza" wheels.

Good luck,

Don Bryant
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> OHHH Marek,
> I again sympathize.
> I had to buy Ultra to see if that will eliminate pizza wheels.
> It came just as I was leaving town so no test yet.
> I widened the platen gap and had the print dry time to +50 and still
> faintly perceptible pizza wheels.These were not the dark ones of streaking
> dirty ink but the ones where the wheels remove the ink in barely
> perceptible spots that you cannot see oddly enough unless you look at the
> neg obliquely through a loupe while it has something DARK behind it.
> We’ll see if the Ultra solves the problem or if I have to somehow remove
> the mechanism.
> If you scroll down my salted paper page on my website do you see the
> splotchy print? Now that I
> A) am rigorous with measuring and either tray size or brush size on wet
> paper,
> B) brush with a synthetic brush evenly and continually brush so the silver
> is even over the whole print
> C) AND dry the print for a good hour
> D) AND blow dry before exposure
>  I have been able to eliminate both white brushy looking areas and black
> measles, both of which I’ve pictured on my website.
> Plus I just kept reading and rereading Ellie Young’s text.
> I’m now at a 71.4% success rate at least!
> Are the prints pale yellow brown when completed? Then you need to increase
> exposure. I went from what I thought was a good SPT of 9.5 until I read
> Ellie Young’s text and she said 10-50mn exposure. I found that I could have
> chosen any one time between that range. I settled on 24 which was perfect.
> UVBL, just replaced the new bulbs, too.
> BTW I used those Edwards Unit bulbs for 13 years and with the new ones
> installed I barely notice an exposure difference; maybe 1/3 stop if that.
> Chris
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> >
> > Chris
> >
> > DId I mention I hate pizza wheels and don't like bottom feeding. At
> higher pigment load for salt printing I got an imprint of every pizza
> wheel. OK I will try reprinting the negative.
> >
> > I thing that my issue is not enough sensitizer as the prints come out
> brownish looking (and splotchy) from the UV box. I know the deep eggplant
> colour that they should have coming out of the UV box  since I have done
> some salt prints before. Moisture is another issue that I never knew about,
> but I will pay attention to it now.
> >
> > Actually I might just try double coating of silver nitrate, just to
> prove a point. Is there such  a thing as too much sensitizer??
> >
> > My papers are lanaquarelle and new platine. Acidified lanaquarelle is my
> to go paper for palladium and argyrotype. I am using straight lanaquarelle
> and new platine, both poor results, although platine is darker.
> >
> > More tests today.
> >
> > BY the way, what printer do you use for these denser negatives??
> >
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> >
> > Marek,
> >
> > A welcome diversion as I await a download PDF of my gum book corrections
> which in this hotel is telling me will take 6 hours…I think I need to go to
> a coffee shop.
> >
> > I hear you; salt can be frustrating.
> >
> > Yes I do attempt to be equal with the sizing and sensitizer and measure
> it out pretty rigorously.
> >
> > If I brush size I make sure to use 1 tsp of the salting solution and
> then use 1 tsp of the silver nitrate. That way the 12% silver nitrate is 6x
> the amount of salting solution which is a 2%.
> >
> > If I tray size, who knows how much is absorbed? I checked what was left
> from the size after soaking my papers, but that calculates what is absorbed
> throughout the entire paper so I don’t know how accurate that is (but it is
> not as much as I thought it would be).  But so far with using 1 tsp of
> silver nitrate brushed on the face of an 8x10 print it has worked fine. As
> long as there is excess silver it seems good.
> >
> > It is such a pleasure when you pull a print out of the light box and see
> that it is evenly exposed and deep eggplant EVERYWHERE.
> >
> > What is your paper you are using? I have had best luck with the new HPR
> and Platine. I have had multiple problems with Bergger for some reason but
> my batch is older. I blame that on my technique completely but suffice it
> to say for starting out in salt I would recommend Platine over Bergger.
> >
> > If you see areas of purple on the exposed print, it is not too little
> salt but moisture left in the print when exposed. Once I started getting
> the paper BONE dry before exposure that disappeared. I also dye my solution
> with blue food coloring to see it.
> >
> > Chris
> >
> >
> >
> >> On Apr 1, 2016, at 10:59 AM, Marek Matusz via Alt-photo-process-list <
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> >>
> >> Chris
> >> Not a big surprise I made a bunch of reject prints last night. So
> frustrating. I suspect that I simply do not have enough silver nitrate. Do
> u actually measure salting solution and silver nitrate. So for example do u
> use say 20 cc of salting solution per sheet and then use 20 cc of silver
> nitrate to sensitize?
> >> I am going to try more controlled approach with measuring solutions.
> >> Marek
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