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If you're talking value in quality and $ across all of those processes it's Hahnemühle. Current tests have shown it uses less solution to make a measurably higher DMax than the new Platine with pt/pd, which is the most expensive process you listed. The savings on noble metals, assuming the price differential between the papers is not ridiculous, should cover the costs to stock a second paper for the other processes if it does not work well with one. 
Work prep and travels find me impatiently waiting to print until the end of April. My sample pack is just sitting there on the desk, mocking me. 
- Jeremy
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Here is a question that will, I hope, engender many responses though it might be a bit premature. I print mostly PT/PD cyano, salt, and albumen (and uranotype but I am not asking about that). 

For those with experience with the new Platine and the new Hahnemuele Platinum Rag papers, which do you think is best for PT/PD cyano, salt, and albumen. I say this might be premature because many have not yet gotten the Hahnemuele Platinum Rag. But I would love to hear from those who have tried both so far. 

And I think it would be good to ask this question again when the Hahnemuele Platinum Rag has been obtained and used by more on this list. 

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