[Alt-photo] continuing salted paper saga

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Chris its true. I have not systematically explored dark and light in the salted paper negative. I can see a differentiation in the negative base vs. exposure without anything. So I coul definitely add more exposure to the 20 min I useThe highlight are curved to place certain value for cloudy sky so I don't get pure white paper in palladium print. As you are suggesting that is most likely not correct fit salted paper. I have printed the same picture in salted paper palladium and argyrotype but did not have time to scan and post. I'm out of town this week and out of paper. Has anybody been able to order hahnemulle in us yet?


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> Hi Christina,
> Thanks for sharing your salted paper saga.
> I really enjoyed reading everything on  your salted paper page : having both pictures of failures and their text analysis is a very productive way to learn (even if I still consider that making “my own” mistakes is the best way to progress !).
> Thanks for sharing.
> The other point is about Peter Mrhar’s book ; I was surprised that nobody on this list wrote about this little book which is, in my opinion an excellent one. I had it for 1.5 years now and I found plenty of good ideas in it. I love the way the lay-out is organised : I find it very pedagogical.
> That is true about all other Peter Mrhar’s books which I also enjoy very much : cyanotype, digital negatives, van dyke brown, which I enjoy very much.
> I have not yet bought his book “Masteringb Gum print”. Have you bought it ?
> I also recommend his very exhaustive book (I bought it in Kindle format, less than 3 euros !) titled : Alternative Photographic accessories . It is full of ideas for DIY items from drying racks to UV Light box and plenty of other useful things (about 145 pages in the paper version).
> Alternative cheers from France,
>        Jean
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