[Alt-photo] salted paper answer?

Keith Schreiber keith at jkschreiber.com
Thu Apr 21 18:06:47 UTC 2016

Hi Chris,

Yes, John is still alive. I know him personally. I was just in Tucson last week but didn’t get to see him. Do you want to get in touch with him?


> On Apr 21, 2016, at 11:57 AM, Christina Z. Anderson via Alt-photo-process-list <alt-photo-process-list at lists.altphotolist.org> wrote:
> Marek,
> I hear ya.
> I did finally, with using the lightest of light brushing and the tips of the synthetic brush, brushing with a whisper, get my print to work fine.
> I will get a rod, but it isn’t here yet and the framer awaits the final work so it won’t arrive before my need for it.
> Keith Schreiber, is John Schaefer still alive? Does anyone know him personally on the list?
> Chris
> On Apr 21, 2016, at 10:25 AM, Marek Matusz <marekmatusz at hotmail.com> wrote:
>> Chris
>> For even coating the first pass is essential and it's just not possible to do it with brush well maybe small pieces. Remember that silver nitrate has to react with chlorides to make silver chloride. 
>> I had that issue as well. Try making the first pass and back with a rod. Edge of a polished glass plate or plexiglass works for me. Pipet or syringe silver nitrate solution along the edge of the print touch it with the edge of the plate at an angle and move it across and back in a single sweep. Even the solution out with the synthetic brush. 
>> Marek
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