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What year would that have been, Keith? Before I got on the list? I got on 1999 and don’t remember this discussion.
In fact, I bought the book because David Scopick told me he had written the gum section in there and I never figured alt process would be in the Ansel Adams guide so I got it through abebooks.com and it is WONDERFUL. 

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> I remember thinking how hilarious it was when this book was published that John was so mercilessly dissed on this list for the association with Adams. He has a PhD in chemistry and was president of the U of Arizona in the mid-70s. He and Adams founded the Center for Creative Photography where I used to work. I did the reproduction work for the images in the book that came from the CCP collection. 
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>> In the meantime I have been rereading every salted paper book/chapter I own to understand this process better (easily 25) and to date only ONE mentions this so I share it as a possible Godsend answer:
>> The Ansel Adams Guide: Basic Techniques of Photography Book 2 by John P. Schaefer. Boston: Little, Brown & Company, 1998. p. 184 “The primary source of trouble in the salted paper process is that coating the paper by brushing on a solution of silver nitrate produces an insoluble creamy white precipitate of silver chloride on the paper’s surface. Continued brushing of the paper surface to ensure complete coverage with silver nitrate disturbs the precipitated silver chloride and leads to pronounced streaks that cannot be seen until you have exposed the print.” 
>> Is it possible I have found my Holy Grail??? This falls in line with a student’s print; the white streaky mark like the ones on my website was the exact width and shape of my coating brush so I could tell it was the silver nitrate coating and not the sizing that produced it but I just assumed he didn’t have enough nitrate solution coated there. But how could that be when we are using a tsp per 11x14 and brushing back and forth over and over??
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