[Alt-photo] salted paper answer?

Christina Z. Anderson christinazanderson at gmail.com
Fri Apr 22 13:11:43 UTC 2016

Thanks, Juan,
The brush I use is perfect; synthetic bristles, no metal ferrule, stitched wood handle. Plus the bristles are in a thin sharp layer. I have a magic brush and the metal ferrule became rusted and wobbly because I tend to soak my brushes, so I have been very happy not to wreck this one.
I am going to order a puddle pusher to see if I prefer it. I tried using an edge of plexi yesterday and it was too rough to be successful.
So yesterday with a really light touch coating, and not dragging the brush firmly across the paper as I was doing, I got almost all prints to work; just one slight edge off on one. I will continue today to see if that solves the problem, this whisper brush touch to not disturb the gelatin/salt coating and create a combination silver chloride on the paper surface.
Right now reading a great old book called Modern Heliographic Processes by Ernst Lietze (1888) and he says he never had success with a brush (!).
Down to only 4 remaining salt sources to read through and the only one coming close to saying what Schaefer said was Lietze  who talks about artificially precipitating silver chloride by combining  a silver and a chloride and it is a white curdy mass (27). Schaefer responded to my email yesterday and received his thanks :)

On Apr 21, 2016, at 5:41 PM, Productions <productions at johnesimmons.com> wrote:

> My coatings got better when I began using a synthetic brush made by Richeson - I believe the number is 9010.  It seems to work better for me than other synthetics.
> Juan

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