[Alt-photo] ANY NEWS? new Hahnemuehle Platinum Rag paper

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It is available for order from this vendor in Germany: http://www.moersch-photochemie.de/content/shop/edeldruck/165/hahnemuehle_platinum_rag <http://www.moersch-photochemie.de/content/shop/edeldruck/165/hahnemuehle_platinum_rag>. It doesn’t say anything about pre-order, and i was under the impression it wouldn’t be available in Europe for another few weeks. I just received some sample sheets and look forward to trying it out!

Best wishes, 


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    As our west coast beach guys say, "Now I con-FUSE!!!"  I think the Electric Cool Aid Acid Test phrase was "You are either on the bus or off the bus" so how could the paper be "on the boat" but available from B&H, Freestyle, and Photog's Formulary at the same time?  Have you any insights?  Was Carol misinformed, are these suppliers taking advanced orders, or have they figured out alternative routes of purchase unknown to Carol? 

    Perhaps the more pertinent question is whether these suppliers actually have it to ship if ordered now.


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Hi Bob,

I was just at SPE (Society of Photographic Education) in Las Vegas and met the Hahnemuhle people for the first time, and word from Carol Boss is that the paper is “on the boat.” I noticed at the URL below it is already on B&H’s website at least, and the 22x30 is $8 per sheet. I am waiting with ‘bated breath because I have some salted paper work I want to do on it! Freestyle, Photographer’s Formulary are also carrying it.



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> Czeching in to see if there is any news on the release date of the new Hahnemuehle Platinum Rag paper. 
> Mějte se moc hezky! 
> BOB 
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