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To whom it may concern and who is interested:

a)  Threat assessment of matchsticks:
[...]The Commission reported back from consultations held with the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), and internally (with the JRC, the REACH Unit in DG GROW, and also the Commission's Legal Service), on the question of whether or not matchsticks fall under Regulation 98/2013. Consultations seem to indicate that matchsticks cannot be exempted from the Regulation on the grounds that they are articles as defined in REACH. At this stage, the Commission has therefore followed the current practice in the Regulation to calculate the concentration when there is a combination of a manufactured part and a substance (fertilizer granules). The preliminary view is that matchsticks do not fall within the restrictions of Article 4(1), but since they contain potassium chlorate, they are in principle subject to the reporting obligation under Article 9. However, following Recital (20) in the Regulation, the measures applied for new explosive precursors should match their threat level. In view of this, a threat assessment of matchsticks will be made in combination with the upcoming review of the Regulation.
Some Members raised objections to matchsticks being a significant threat and falling under the scope of the Regulation.

b) Inhibitor addition to precursors:
[...]4. Presentation by the FP7 Research project EXPEDIA on inhibitor additives
The EXplosives PrEcursor Defeat by Inhibitor Additives (EXPEDIA) project is an FP7 project coordinated by the Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI). The project aims to 1) inhibit some frequently used explosive precursors and 2) increase knowledge about the so-called 'garage chemistry'. The project will develop a European guide for first responders.
More information is available on the Commission's CORDIS website (link) and the presentation is available on the CIRCABC Library (link).

Both from 

c) Metal powders will be added to Annex II (watched chemicals):
[...]Another Member announced that in the weeks after the meeting it would circulate a proposal to amend Annex II of the Regulation to add metal powders.[...]


d) Important for people who visit or even passing through Austria:

[...]Introduction: Where a member of the general public intends to introduce those restricted
explosive precursors (hydrogen peroxide in concentrations above 12 % w/w up to 35% w/w
nitromethane in concentrations above 30% w/w up to 40% w/w; and nitric acid in
concentrations above 3 % w/w up to 10 % w/w) into the Austrian territory the member of the
general public has to transfer information appropriate to Art. 8 Regulation. (EU) No 98/2013 to
the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management.

Higher concentrations are not allowed for members of the general public and the fine is 500 Euro minimum (first time). This means that you can forget to etch copper, prepare silver nitrate with nitric acid.

e) Overview for the public:
Single measurements of the states: http://ec.europa.eu/dgs/home-affairs/what-we-do/policies/crisis-and-terrorism/explosives/explosives-precursors/docs/list_of_measures_en.pdf
Say good bye to concentrated nitric acid in the EU....if you are a private citizen...

f) For US citizens in the case if you think you live on the other side:


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