[Alt-photo] Update EU-Regulation 98/2013

Jacques Kevers jacqueskv at gmail.com
Fri Mar 18 10:46:14 UTC 2016

Nous sommes d'accord - I agree of course :-)
So the question is: who feels up, and has the time, to write down a text
that is accurate, complete yet simple, with which everybody in our
community can agree?
Any volunteer?
Greetings from Belgium :-)

Jacques Kevers
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2016-03-18 10:31 GMT+01:00 GILLES LORIN <gilles.lorin at mac.com>:

> Bonjour Jacques,
> I read Cyrano many springs ago, but I did not remember this quote.
> J’adore!
> I am not so worried about reaching out; I think we need to go beyond the
> small group of practitioners that we are and reach out to the very broad
> spectrum of the art community, including art market, curatorship, artists…
> Photography has become a growing market, and there is a resurgence and deep
> respect for the historical processes. We could even ask the help of online
> magazines such as LensCulture, just to name one, but there are quite a few.
> I think we could very easily spread the word and get a lot of signatures.
> I do agree in adapting and evolving. I do it wherever possible, especially
> if it means safer for our health and environment. I know there are some
> promising solutions for gum, but the results have been very inconclusive
> for photogravure, which is one of my favorite medium.
> But I do remain hopeful; nonetheless I think bringing some awareness
> cannot hurt. I know we are not directly targeted and these sensible
> restrictions are being put in place for completely different reasons. They
> probably don’t even know we exist, so perhaps it is a good idea to say that
> we do :)
> Bien a vous,
> Gilles
> On Mar 18, 2016, at 9:57 AM, Jacques Kevers <jacqueskv at gmail.com> wrote:
> Bonjour Gilles,
> A petition cannot harm anyway... Even if the chances of success are
> microscopic. Cyrano de Bergerac said: "Mais on ne se bat pas dans l'espoir
> du succès ! Non, non c'est bien plus beau lorsque c'est inutile !" (*But
> we do not fight in the hope of success! No, it is much more beautiful when
> it's useless!*) ...
> First step would be to write the petition text: serious, factual, simple &
> easy to understand for potential signatories. Who feels up for this?
> Publishing the text is the easy part: there are lots of specialized
> websites.
> What might be more complicated is to spread the word: this group (no idea
> how many we are here), the national alt groups, Facebook, Twitter, Apug...
> any other ideas?
> As for the disappearing of our processes, I'm less pessimistic. We will
> have to adapt ourselves, find replacements ( alternatives for alternative
> processes ...). For casein and carbon, DAS seems to be promising. Jim
> introduced cerium ozotype and ferricyanide carbon. Hopefully, other
> solutions will appear.
> Where is life, there is hope :-)
> best,
> Jacques
> Jacques Kevers
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> 2016-03-18 7:26 GMT+01:00 GILLES LORIN <gilles.lorin at mac.com>:
>> Bonjour Jacques,
>> Many thanks for your feedback. I figured I'm going to try anyway; who
>> knows...
>> I'm thinking we should write a petition as well; between the photographic
>> and art communities, I bet we could get a lot of signature. I'm not sure
>> what sort of weight this would have, but it would be a shame to see these
>> beautiful processes vanish, and it would only the beginning for many more.
>> All the best,
>> Gilles
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