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I put mine in a sheet protector made for 8 1/2x11 paper.  These are available from office supply stores and are made of the same material as the more expensive envelopes made for photos.  Buy the thin, cheap ones.  I do this for all sizes of negatives from 2x3 to 8x10 - one negative to a protector.  Then I store them in file folders in an ancient file cabinet.  I've seen these old, heavy duty file cabinets protect their contents well in rather serious fires.  I have negatives stored with this method for more than 30-years with no signs of storage problems.

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Yes- I'm curious as to how other people store their negatives.  I typically put mine (3 of the same image, for instance) in one archival envelope, and then store that in a dark drawer.  Is that bad?  I've never had an issue.
If I left them in the light, I would, of course-- but these are always kept in the dark, each set of negs for one image in separate envelopes.

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