[Alt-photo] Gum Printing: A Step-by-Step Manual, Highlighting Artists and Their Creative Practice

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Mon Sep 12 15:19:41 UTC 2016

I found it cheapest from UK Abe's by under $1, shipped to USA.

But I bought from Barnes and Noble USA for $3 more.

I dislike Amazon's quest for World domination. I am a former Prime addict.

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> Chris and all,
> I almost ordered the Kindle version this morning since a tablet is far
> easier for me to hold than the printed book due to my ever worsening
> arthritis, however I really wanted to see everyone's work in print. I do
> regret not submitting work for this volume but that just wasn't in the
> cards
> for me.
> Once again Chris thanks for this gift to the alt process community.
> Don
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> Don,
> You are kind to post!
> I post on FB now enough that I forget to post here!
> The book is so filled with "faces" this alt list knows, it's like old home
> week, really.
> Buyer beware: I will say one thing about the Kindle version; it is good in
> that the information is all there but the layout is not good at all. They
> would have been better to just make the PDF as is and upload it. For
> instance, the caption text is the same size as the body text so it reads
> funky. I was a bit horrified and I realized that I need to now learn how to
> create e-books so I have control over that too! It's one thing to create an
> e-book out of a novel that is just text, but when there are pictures and
> captions and everything has to be placed in linear form in order of
> appearance, it's tricky.
> Also, any European buyers, there is a distributor in the UK so postage is
> not bad at all. At one point I was going to order my own book from the UK
> and it would cost $4 to send to the U.S. from England!!
> Chris
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> > FWIW and FYI - As of this morning Amazon USA is accepting orders for the
> > paperback version of Chris's decisive book on Gum Printing.
> >
> > Gum Printing: A Step-by-Step Manual, Highlighting Artists and Their
> Creative
> > Practice by Christina Z. Anderson
> >
> > http://tinyurl.com/gkps5cy
> >
> >
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