[Alt-photo] salted paper

Jacques Kevers jacqueskv at gmail.com
Fri Sep 16 08:17:05 UTC 2016

"Ammoniacal" is correct :-)

>From the "Collins English definition-Thesaurus":
" ammoniacal"(adj):   of, containing, using, or resembling ammonia,
(Also)    ammoniac


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2016-09-16 1:30 GMT+02:00 Marek Matusz via Alt-photo-process-list <
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> Keith
> I think it is a legitimate chemical term whether it is in general use or I
> have translated it slightly I am not sure.
> I will look at your notes again. One thing why the ammonia silver solution
> might have faded is their stability. And back in the days they kept large
> amounts of silver solutions as tray sansitizing was the norm. Silver
> nitrate is indefinitely stable as solid and water solutions
> Hope u get back to salt printing it is such s magical process
> Marek

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