[Alt-photo] My gum book arrived!

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I am so jealous about this trip. Being able to examine original prints is such a joy and learning experience. Make good notes ( ha ha I know you will have hundreds of pages ). I am really interested in the toning aspect and fading of prints. I wonder if you could actually find prints that are platinum toned. I know gold was most popular as even back in 1880s it was recognized that salt/albumen was not permanent unless toned
I am experimenting...

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> Thanks for the praise, John, and glad you got it. 
> Your work in it is quite intriguing and makes me want to go to that place!
> How do I do manage? An unhealthy ability to hyper focus for an extended period of time, abandon a social life, be ok with sitting for days weeks months in a chair with a laptop, a husband who manages everything else... It is not a lifestyle for everybody and there is no glamour in it. I bet your wife feels the same way, being an author? I have her book to read on my laptop for when I finish salt research! That’ another thing that goes out the window: fiction reading.
> But such a great reward it is to have all that time packaged in one little neat 8x10x1” square. And it helps that I love research; it’s a treasure hunt.
> Today I get to PLAY though. Heading out to Rochester NY to take a salt and albumen workshop with Mark Osterman at the George Eastman House! And see historic salt prints! And photograph pages from the one book I can’t get anywhere else but the Eastman library, too, while I’m there! 
> Chris
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>> I've been on holiday and just this week picked up my book from the Post Office. What a wonderful book Chris! How you manage to have a family life, teach and write such an intensive book on gum is beyond me.
>> For those who've tried but failed to make a gum print and have been put off because of frustration this highly illustrated book is the definitive guide.  And no doubt will be for many years to come. 
>> Thanks Chris! 
>> John
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