[Alt-photo] salted paper

Suzanne Izzo Suzanne.Izzo at georgetown.edu
Mon Sep 19 22:30:55 UTC 2016

I can't call myself a salt printer, but who could resist after reading all
of Christina's posts on salt.

My father left not only a darkroom full of all kinds of chemicals, but also
a print shop full of paper.  I began my salt work by trying to find a
suitable paper and decided on one which is only labeled "Index" on the
brown paper wrapper.

I also unearthed in my parents' basement two wooden crates full of glass
dry plate negatives.  These are what I have been using for my salt
experiments.  The only date I have found is "new depot Jan. 1, 1913".

I began by exposing in the shade, but the times were1-2 hours.  My last
prints were exposed in direct sun which reduced the time to about 10
minutes.  I now have a few prints that I am quite happy with.  I haven't
yet tried toning although I actually like the color of the untoned prints.
I look forward to continuing with this new (to me) process.

Suzanne Izzo

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