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Bert Kuijer gemeentehuis at gmail.com
Tue Sep 20 05:16:04 UTC 2016

Make sure the salted paper is very dry before you put the dry plate
negatives on it. Otherwise it will stick to the emulsion and damage the
negative. You could also try using a very thin Mylar sheet between paper
and negative.
Bert from Holland

2016-09-20 0:30 GMT+02:00 Suzanne Izzo via Alt-photo-process-list <
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> I can't call myself a salt printer, but who could resist after reading all
> of Christina's posts on salt.
> My father left not only a darkroom full of all kinds of chemicals, but also
> a print shop full of paper.  I began my salt work by trying to find a
> suitable paper and decided on one which is only labeled "Index" on the
> brown paper wrapper.
> I also unearthed in my parents' basement two wooden crates full of glass
> dry plate negatives.  These are what I have been using for my salt
> experiments.  The only date I have found is "new depot Jan. 1, 1913".
> I began by exposing in the shade, but the times were1-2 hours.  My last
> prints were exposed in direct sun which reduced the time to about 10
> minutes.  I now have a few prints that I am quite happy with.  I haven't
> yet tried toning although I actually like the color of the untoned prints.
> I look forward to continuing with this new (to me) process.
> Suzanne Izzo
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