[Alt-photo] Poitevin 1855

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     I found it through a Google Patents search for Poitevin. He had 
other patents. His patents are cited in a great many others.
     Note that patent law has varied in different countries so the 
descriptions and disclosures are often rather diffrent. I find that U.S. 
patents often have more usable information in them. But, patents are 
legal documents, not scientific or technical ones. Sometimes, especially 
in older patents, they are intended mainly to provide a basis for 
defending the patent in court rather than as practical information on 
how to actually apply the idea practically.

On 9/23/2016 1:47 AM, Alberto Novo via Alt-photo-process-list wrote:
>>      I've lost track of what this is about but this patent relevant?
>> USP 36,821
> This is a lightly different process: it is for obtaining copies of the gelatin relief.
> Maybe Woodbury took inspiration from this.
> Alberto
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