[Alt-photo] Poitevin 1855

Alberto Novo alt.list at albertonovo.it
Fri Sep 23 14:57:09 UTC 2016

> Alberto,
> Unfortunately I omitted the citation somehow. I just remember finding it 
> on-line in an old book of patents, so with a deep search, you could 
> probably find that information.
> Peter

Thank you, Peter.
Now comes the fun:
Searching for a short phrase I've found the citation in ... "Gum Printing: a step-by step...", that is, the very recent book of Christina Z. Anderson, partially digitized by Google. There are two citations, the first to Towler 275-76 (that is: The Silver Sunbeam, 1864, which I have easily found with Internet Archive, and the second to Nadeau 2,7-9.
The text of Towler refers to the Traité de l'Impression Photographique by Poitevin himself, but I already know that book and there is no detailed transcription of his patent.
Hence, the full transcription has to be in Nadeau's book, which I haven't nor I am able to retrieve from Internet.
>From the Italian interbibliotecary system I am able to locate:
Gum dichromate and other direct carbon processes, 1999, and
Modern carbon printing: a practical guide, 1999

Anyone may suggest which is the right book, or simply may give me the full citation?


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