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I am letter texte Alphonse Poitevin describe his process 


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</div>I have a copy of the Nadeau (1993 edition) - he has the same English text as
Peter sent earlier, with a reference to English patent No.2,815 dated Dec
13th, 1855 and with the comment "this may be the first time that this patent
is reproduced verbatim".

He also quotes in full Poitevin's first (French) patent no. 24,592 dated
August 27, 1855.

It looks as though this was a privately published book, which might explain
why it isn't on the web.

Best wishes


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> Alberto,
> Unfortunately I omitted the citation somehow. I just remember
> finding it 
> on-line in an old book of patents, so with a deep search, you
> could 
> probably find that information.
> Peter

Thank you, Peter.
> comes the fun:
Searching for a short phrase I've found the citation in ...
> "Gum Printing: a step-by step...", that is, the very recent book of Christina
> Z. Anderson, partially digitized by Google. There are two citations, the first
> to Towler 275-76 (that is: The Silver Sunbeam, 1864, which I have easily found
> with Internet Archive, and the second to Nadeau 2,7-9.
The text of Towler
> refers to the Traité de l'Impression Photographique by Poitevin himself, but I
> already know that book and there is no detailed transcription of his
> patent.
Hence, the full transcription has to be in Nadeau's book, which I
> haven't nor I am able to retrieve from Internet.
From the Italian
> interbibliotecary system I am able to locate:
Gum dichromate and other direct
> carbon processes, 1999, and
Modern carbon printing: a practical guide,
> 1999

Anyone may suggest which is the right book, or simply may give me the
> full 
> citation?

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