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Hi Alberto,

This is not exactly the French patent transcription but you get 
absolutely all details by Poitevin himself and he decribes the 
"competition" which occured in 1855 between himself and Pretsch. The 
book is full of Poitevin's own explanations but also he quotes plenty of 
articles or works which have been produced by the various scientific 
academies and/or Societies which were interested in his processes.

You may find Poitevins's book here (in French, of course!) :


you look at the summary, you will see that Chapter VI is all about 
Poitevin's works of 1855 and his approach of Photolithography (or 
Lithophotography !) and in this chapter he gives some details about the 
various patents he took in different countries

Hope it helps,



Le 22/09/2016 à 09:17, Alberto Novo via Alt-photo-process-list a écrit :
> Anyone has the transcription (not simply any description of the process) of the Poitevin UK patent #2816 or of the French #24592 about photolithography?
> Alberto
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