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Mark, Hi:

I use ChartThrob where the main layout is for 101 squares of 1% variation.  It also has a strip of 21 steps on the side of 5% each.  I also put in a homemade 21-step wedge on the side of the each of my negatives (before applying the curve) for the photographs, so I can track of what is going on.  

I do not use densitometer so I can't give you reflection density. Instead, I use a scanner (calibrated to a it8.7/2 target) to give me RGB values of the steps which I then desaturate for easy comparison.  For the densest step, I am getting RGB values in the range of 29-31.  The second at 95% step reads in the 38 area as the process stands today.  

As far as how many steps are printing distinctly, visually - all 21 are.


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Which Steptablet are you using?  21, 31, 41?

How many distinct steps are printing?

What is the reflection density of the darkest step? The next to darkest step?


Best Wishes,
Mark Nelson

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