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Hi Chris,

Sorry to add more to the list. I was focusing on the gum process and "forgot" about all the other processes I have loved and still do. So, here comes some more… Wish I had had this list in 1985!

Nadeau, Luis     History and Practice of Carbon Process (it helped Hans and me very much when we started with the three colour carbon printing in 1985)
Nadeau, Luis     History and Practice of Platinum Printing (it helped Hans when he was doing pt/pd)
de Zoete, Johan     A manual of Photogravure
Spencer, D A     Colour Photography in Practice  (Vivex process) Each chapter starts with quote from Alice in Wonderland!
A book about autochromes: Les Documents Graphiques et Photographiques - Musée Albert Kahn in Paris. Bertrand Lavédrine (and Jean-Claude Gandolfi???)

For history and old recipes in gum and carbon - reprints Jean-Michel Place, Paris. Here you find recipes from Demachy, Puyo and many more. Artigue and Charbon Velour….. Try it! There are more processes in this serie of books.
La Gomme Bichromatée
and carbon from the same
Les Procédes au Charbon - two books From Monkhoven to Schneeberger

Andersson, Björn   Handbok i Ädelförfarande (has meant a lot here in Scandinavia)

And some names…..
The Bromoil Queen  Maija McDougal - she has taught many how to do bromoil (Gene Laughter…)
Pierre Brochet - one of the best in photogravure (copper) (died this year - lived south of Paris)
Tod Gangler  in Seattle - three colour carbon (he prints for Sarah Moon)

and, I would like to mention one of our best friends - he is a master in photogravure - both copper and polymere - Lasse Mellberg, Sweden.

Two more books…
from the Studio (William Morris) summer editions
1905  Art in Photography
1908 Colour in Photography

I'll stop here

PS  Not to forget Internet today…
When we started with three colour carbon we had "letter conversation" with Luis Nadeau. Then in 1994 (?) we found this list and also found that he had an emailaddress. We wrote him an email and the next morning we had an answer - instead of waiting for many weeks! 

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