[Alt-photo] Sodium Thiocyanate For Fixing Out Lumens

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Was waxing quite common in the early practice?

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> Ryuji
> Does the  gelatin as a protective layer needs to be hardened ?
> What about waxes for making a protective layer? I tested the waxed salt
> prints by putting them in iron blue toner, the waxed areas don't even get
> wet.
> I was thinking that wax on print creates an excellent air and moisture
> barrier.
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>> In silver-gelatin prints, plates and films, silver image is suspended in
>> gelatin layer, which acts as a weak barrier between the air and the silver
>> image, as well as holding the image mechanically. In most modern silver
>> imaging materials, there is a clear gelatin overcoat that does not hold the
>> image.
>> In salted paper print, this binder is absent. Silver image is almost
>> directly exposed to the air.
>> I would expect salted paper print to be more vulnerable to airborne
>> oxidative attacks than silver gelatin IF other conditions are equal
>> (including the silver image morphology, residue of any processing chemical,
>> etc.). If you were to apply an image-protecting treatment to salt prints
>> anyway, it's probably a good idea to include gelatin or polyacrylates or
>> some other binder blends that are used in manufacturing of silver gelatin
>> materials. Whether additional binder layer will significantly increase the
>> protective strength when applied to albumen or collodion materials, it's
>> not easy to predict. In collodion plates, albumen prints, etc., there is at
>> least some binder that holds the image. I don't recall a research that
>> studied relative magnitudes of the protection of each material type.
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>> Ryuji
>>> Would that apply to other colloids such as albumen?
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