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`Richard Knoppow dickburk at ix.netcom.com
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    I remember toys with a plastic strip that had embossed lines running 
across them. When pulled across a fingernail it would make some sound, 
very short like a doll saying "Mama". I have no idea how these were made.
    I also remember reading about a method of placing embossed grooves 
on the street so it would "speak" when driven over, safety message or 
maybe short advertising. A google search might find both, I have not tried.

On 8/27/2017 11:15 AM, Mustafa Umut Sarac via Alt-photo-process-list wrote:
> Dear Kees,
> All analog , all mechanic. At ww2 , there were british miilk bottles with
> plastic engraving and you rub your finger and play churchill speech. No
> moving parts , no electric , no synth , plain rub your finger on engraving
> sound. I want to make the same but I cant figure out how to create specific
> engraving for each sound. ?
> Best,
> Umut
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